Elephant Rides

To Amer Palace

The traditional royal ride of Jaipur. A 25-30 minute relaxing ride to the top of the hill and to the Amer Palace. Enjoy the magnificent view of the surroundings while not having to wear out your shoes.

In Amer Town

A 30 minute smooth ride around town, starting and ending at the farm. See the everyday life of the Amer people as you slowly pass by on the back of your elephant. A stop for bananas if you wish to feed your elephant at the end of the tour.

In Old Pink City

A 1-2 hour ride through the Old Pink City of Jaipur. Through all the beautiful and crowded markets and monuments. A chance to see the city in a way never seen before.

From Amer to Old Pink City

A beautiful 2 hour ride starting from the farm taking you through Amer town, by the Water Palace(Jal Mahal), the Wind Palace(Hawa Mahal) and all the way to the center of the Old Pink City of Jaipur.

In Village

A 1.5-2 hour ride taking you to the villages surrounding Amer. A chance to see the village life and get a feel of how things work further away from the busy streets of the cities.

Custom rides on demand

Fully costumized as per the requirements of the guests. Can choose from all the plans according to their convenience and wishes.