Naguar Mela

In February 2015 Royal Heritage Camps will be near Nagaur, one of Rajasthan's most characterful desert towns, during the Nagaur Cattle Fair. This is one of the biggest events in the desert calendar, attracting people from rural communities all over the region who dress in their colorful best to enjoy the fun of the fair.


As in Pushkar, livestock trading is an important part of the event, with thousands of cows, horses and camels changing hands. Here you'll see fewer tourists, but just as much local life in an authentic mela which is a true desert celebration.
A special feature is the chili bazaar, unique to Nagaur Fair, where the famously fiery Mathiana chilis grown near Nagaur are on display – the hottest souvenir around!


Nagaur is an ancient town sited on old trading routes across the plains. With no high ground to build a fort, twelfth century rulers constructed massive walls and bastions for Ahhichatragarh Fort, a great stronghold accessed by seven gates.
The succession of palaces which lie within the walls were places of courtly intrigues and royal recreation, with pleasure gardens and fountains.
During your stay at Royal Heritage Camps you can enjoy a private tour of the fabulously restored royal residences and audience chambers, where you will see some of the finest wall paintings in Rajasthan.